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    FIWT is a professional organization for the insurance industry in Texas. Our membership is made up of men and women in the industry in Texas and beyond. More than half our membership works in a retail agency in Texas. Our goal is to provide quality education to meet CE requirements but also to further professional growth. FIWT offers many opportunities to further develop public speaking and leadership skills.

    Companies wishing to advertise, participate in the trade show and otherwise support FIWT are asked to join as a FIWT Industry member. When a company joins FIWT, their employees can also receive the discounted rates for attending events.

    There are two levels of membership for an individual:

    • State –level known as Member-at-large. This annual membership offers the benefits of a membership with FIWT and is available for those members that live too far from a local association.

    • Local Association. FIWT has 12 local associations throughout Texas Most local associations meet monthly and are actively involved with local community projects.

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    These local's are:
    Corpus Christi
    East Texas
    El Paso
    North Texas
    San Antonio
    Tarrant County

    Benefits of Membership are:

    • Annual Convention & Trade Show - Reduced Registration Fee

    • Mid-Year Education Conference - Reduced Registration Fee

    • Receive Quarterly Ezine "The FORUM"

    • Opportunity to attend monthly luncheon/dinner meetings

    • Discounted Online CE Courses exclusively for FIWT members

    • Benefit by CETIAA approved seminars and self-enrichment courses

    • Network with other Insurance Industry Professionals

    • More FIWT membership benefits


    We have a growing number of members classified as "Members-at-Large." They live in cities and towns that are not close to our established local associations, but they want to receive all the benefits extended to our members.

    For additional information on Local Association or Member-at-Large membership, click on "Information Request" to request additional information.

    FIWT is a Texas organization with 12 Local Associations and Members-at-Large throughout the state.

    1. Insurance Professionals of El Paso
    2. North Texas Insurance Women
    3. Metroplex Insurance Professionals
    4. Tarrant County Insurance Professionals
    5. Dallas Association Insurance Professionals
    6. East Texas Insurance Association
    7. Austin Association of Insurance Professionals
    8. Houston Insurance Professionals
    9. Insurance Professionals of Galveston Co.
    10. Insurance Women of San Antonio
    11. Insurance Associates of Corpus Christi
    12. Harlingen Insurance Professionals


    FIWT - Federation for Education

    Federation of Insurance Women of Texas

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